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Building blocks for secure, privacy-first web apps.


  1. chakra-next Public

    Opinionated design system for React, based on Chakra UI + Next.js, written in TypeScript.

    TypeScript 181 8

  2. Opinionated Node.js microservices framework built on Fastify ⚡️

    TypeScript 33 5

  3. GitHub Action to deploy to Clever Cloud

    TypeScript 28 7

  4. redact-env Public

    Redact values of critical environment variables in a string

    TypeScript 3

  5. codec Public

    Universal conversion of Uint8Array from/into UTF-8, base64url and hex in the browser and Node.js

    TypeScript 2

  6. Secure cryptographic key storage in the browser and Node.js

    TypeScript 45 2


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