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Building blocks for secure, privacy-first web apps.


👋 Hi! I'm François Best (@franky47), founder of 47ng, my freelancing company.

👨‍💻 I build web apps for startups, companies and public institutions, and publish open-source libraries here that help me work more efficiently. Check them out!

🤝 Hire me for your next project, or sponsor me on GitHub to help with maintenance.


  1. nuqs nuqs Public

    Type-safe search params state manager for Next.js - Like React.useState, but stored in the URL query string.

    TypeScript 1.7k 52

  2. prisma-field-encryption prisma-field-encryption Public

    Transparent field-level encryption at rest for Prisma

    TypeScript 220 25

  3. fastify-micro fastify-micro Public

    Opinionated Node.js microservices framework built on Fastify ⚡️

    TypeScript 40 4

  4. actions-clever-cloud actions-clever-cloud Public

    GitHub Action to deploy to Clever Cloud

    TypeScript 37 8

  5. session-keystore session-keystore Public

    Secure cryptographic key storage in the browser and Node.js

    TypeScript 69 3

  6. chakra-next chakra-next Public

    Opinionated design system for React, based on Chakra UI + Next.js, written in TypeScript.

    TypeScript 216 9


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