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52North Triturus

README file for the 52North Triturus library

Triturus is a package of Java classes that offer basic functionality to model objects in 3-D space and to set-up simple 3-D scene descriptions.

Basic functionality:

  • Basic feature geometries (3-D point sets, line-strings, elevation grids, triangulated irregular networks, etc.)
  • Gridding algorithms for scattered data points
  • Readers for various data formats (e.g., XYZ files and Arc/Info ASCII grids)
  • Simple file exporters (e.g., ASCII files, VRML/X3D/X3DOM scene descriptions, VTK/ParaView data files)
  • Generation of simple POV-Ray scene descriptions
  • Cross-section generation for elevation grid models


  • Development platform: Java version 1.6 (Windows and Linux/Unix)
  • Rendering pipeline (filter, mapper, renderer) as basic conceptual reference model
  • Abstraction of concrete (geo-) datasources and renderers
  • Integration of basic I/O-classes and renderers (3d realtime rendering and ray tracing)
  • Freely available implementation examples using this framework: [52North GeologicToolbox] (, Web Terrain Service (OGC-WTS for LOD 0), profile service for the generation of terrain cross sections, Web application for WTS visualization using OGC-WMS as drape texture.

Development goals

The community's vision is to establish a creative surrounding, which allows efficient and sustainable development of innovative software solutions in the context of 3-D modeling and 3-D geovisualization.

Concrete development goals are:

  • to provide a surrounding for 3-D geovisualization tasks, broadly usable in different fields
  • to have open ended software that is easily extensible
  • to be compatible to existing standards in the context of geo object modeling and computer graphics (OGC, ISO, W3C).


To compile the Triturus library, simply execute the following Maven task

'mvn clean install'

To use the Triturus library, just add the Triturus JAR file to your Java project.

License information

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as published by the Free Software Foundation.

For further information please refer to 'LICENSE'-file

Additional documents and links

This sections lists documents that lead to a deeper understanding of the Triturus library and give additional information


Please find information for Contributing to the project in the separate

Support and Contact

You can get support in the community mailing list and forums:

If you encounter any issues with the software or if you would like to see certain functionality added, let us know at:

The 3D Community

52North Inititative for Geospatial Open Source Software GmbH, Germany


Triturus is a Java-based framework designed to support the development of software applications in the field of 3D geo-visualization.







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