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Build a knowledge base and ask it questions through OpenAI APIs. Chat with your content!

7-docs is a powerful set of OpenAI-based tools and ingest content to store into a vector database, ready to get queried like you would with ChatGPT.

  • Use @7-docs/cli to ingest content from the command-line
  • Use @7-docs/edge for deploying functions to query the content (aka "chat completions")


Ingest from CLI

Demo of ingest and query

Use the 7d CLI tool from @7-docs/cli to ingest content.

As shown in the example, you can also use 7d to query the content from the CLI (just like chat completions).

Query from UI

Use @7-docs/edge to build your own functions for chat completions.

See the 7-docs organization page for demos and starter kits.

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