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Mobile Application Project

Summer University @ SJSU

This is a program where 20 students from the Vaud School for Engineering and Business (HEIG-VD) in Yverdon, Switzerland, and five students from PES Institute of Technology in Bangalore, India, join 10 students from SJSU for a three week program on the SJSU campus.

Our team

Project Details

This is a simple android game where the user has to find a particular location in the world. The locations are stored on a java server created using Glassfish4. The closer he pin points the location the more points he gets.
For instructions on how to compile, follow these links


Note from professor: Cay Horstmann

Please find 3 other students with whom to do your project for this class. Your team should have two students from Switzerland and two students from somewhere else.

Pick some project that you want to work on. If you have no idea what you'd like to do, enhance the quiz application. Make it so that an instructor can create a quiz, multiple students can answer it, and the instructor can see what everyone responded for a particular question.

Your project should have a server part and a mobile part. It's a good idea to target two mobile platforms, such as Android and iOS or Android and HTML5. Then you can easily split the work: 1 person does the server part, one person the Android part, and one person the iOS or HTML5 part.

What about the fourth person? If you do the quiz app, a fourth person can design a tablet interface to generate a quiz. Or the fourth person can do the build automation, particularly if that person knows ant.

You should make a github or bitbucket repository and put your code there. Add me to your repo. My github and bitbucket ids are cayhorstmann. I should be able to build your code from scratch, and you should provide instructions for doing so. Bonus points if you tell me how I can do the entire build from the command line, without having to fire up any IDE.

I will give you a server VM where you can deploy your WAR.

I am not looking for anything incredibly ambitious, but try to do something interesting and mobile. For example, include the geolocation of submitted questions.

Please add your teams and project ideas as comments to this note.


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