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cmi5 Working Group Wiki

This wiki used by the cmi5 working group for working drafts and administration.

cmi5 is a "profile" for using the xAPI specification with traditional learning management (LMS) systems. Current Release: Quartz, 1st Edition (June 2016)

The cmi5 Project website

For more information, history, version list, JSON samples and best practices visit the website.

cmi5 Weekly Meeting Minutes

The cmi5 working group meets weekly to discuss cmi5 topics (specification issues, best practices, and conformance testing).

cmi5 Working Group Conferences

The cmi5 Working group has a Web conference every Friday at 10:30am US Eastern Time to actively work on the project. If you would like to participate (or just "listen in") please see link below:

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Working Documents

The following are "informal" working documents used for collaboration between meetings.

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