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Generic Bash PS1 (bashrc) Configuration based on BLFS /etc/bashrc
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AOSC's bash & sh startup files in /etc.


  • Colored PS1 with VCS branch display and return-value based prompt bashrc with git, commit b9913ca
  • OS X-like /etc/paths management scheme.
  • Regular somefile.d directorys.
  • Common aliases.


  • bashrc - Bash's global startup file, sourced by ~/.bashrc. Contains stuffs that we think is good for all users.
    • Sources profile for environmental variables
    • Sets some variables for colors
    • Sources bashrc.d
    • Sets up the PS1
    • Sets up aliases
    • Sets up some bash-specific variables.
  • profile - Environment variables for all POSIX login shells
    • Sets up $PATH and $MANPATH:
      • Ignores lines starting with #.
      • Adds each line of /etc/paths.d/._pre* to $PATH,
      • Adds each line of /etc/paths to $PATH,
      • Adds each line of /etc/paths.d/* to $PATH.
      • Then do almost the same for manpaths.
      • If those are still empty, default values {,/usr{,/local}}/{s,}bin and /usr/{,local/}man are used.
    • Sets up $TZ and some common history variables.
    • Sources profile.d.
  • skel - $HOME Skeleton. Contains what we think is good for most users.
    • .bashrc - User bash startup, sources /etc/bashrc.
    • .bash_profile - User bash login, sources ~/.bashrc.
    • .bash_logout - User bash logout.
  • bashrc.d - Files sourced by /etc/bashrc.
    • 20-vcs - VCS aliases and PS1. Provides _vcs_status.
      • .vcs_* - VCS Implementations.
  • profile.d - Files sourced by /etc/profile.


  • GNU Bash for bashrc stuffs. When we are happy, we try to make most parts of bashrc compatible with other bourne/POSIX-like shells, e.g. hush/ash.
  • At least a mostly POSIX-compatible shell for profile. We try our best to guarantee that it's written fully POSIXly. Send us an issue if it's not.
  • Coreutils for profile. More specifically, cat, sed and mkdir. GNU/Busybox ones are preferred. See #Porting for more info.


This briefly describes how bash processes the files. and put here as a sort of reference:

On Startup:

# Pseudo-code functions:
# _bash_optarg: The argument for an option.
# _bash_opts: If this option is set.
_is_sh(){ [ "$(basename "$BASH")" == "sh" ]; }
_is_posix(){ shopt -oq posix; }
_is_interactive() { case "$-" in *i*) return 0; esac; return 1; }
_is_login(){ [ "${0:0:1}" == - ] || _bash_opts --login || _bash_opts -l; }
# Real bash doesn't change the return value, just for convenience with ||
load_if_exists(){ [ -r "$1" ] || return 1; . "$@"; true; }
if _is_interactive; then
  if _is_login && ! _bash_opts --noprofile; then
    load_if_exists /etc/profile
    if ! _is_sh; then
      load_if_exists ~/.bash_profile ||
      load_if_exists ~/.bash_login ||
      load_if_exists ~/.profile
      load_if_exists ~/.profile
  elif ! _bash_opts --norc; then
    if ! _is_posix; then
        _is_sh || load_if_exists "$(_bash_optarg --rcfile || echo ~/.bashrc)"
        load_if_exists "$ENV"
  elif _is_network_input; then
    is_sh || load_if_exists ~/.bashrc
# Non-interactive (i.e. To run a script) 
  if ! _is_sh; then
    load_if_exists "$BASH_ENV"
_is_sh && shopt -os posix

On exit:

if _is_login && ! _is_sh && ! _is_posix; then
  load_if_exists ~/.bash_logout


The master branch of this repo can be easily ported to other platforms with bash and an echo with -e flag. For earlier bash without \e escaping, perform sed -i -e 's@\\e@\\33@g' ** on the tree.

If you use BSD coreutils, change ls --color=auto to ls -G.

If you use OS X or wants to make an OS X distribution, you had better include the workaround mentioned in #3, in order to avoid "Please install XCode Developer Tools" from appearing too many times.

This package provides an example: Bash 4.3 for OS X.

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