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Dezi search plugin for Wordpress.

Copyright 2012 American Public Media Group.

Licensed under the MIT license.

Based on Solr for WordPress plugin.


A WordPress plugin that replaces the default WordPress search with Dezi. Features include:

  • Index pages and posts
  • Enable faceting on fields such as tags, categories, author, and page type.
  • Indexing and faceting on custom fields
  • Multisite support
  • Treat the category facet as a taxonomy
  • Add special template tags so you can create your own custom result pages to match your theme.
  • Completely replaces default WordPress search, just install and configure.
  • Completely integrated into default WordPress theme and search widget.
  • Configuration options allow you to select pages to ignore, features to enable/disable, and what type of result information you want output.
  • i18n Support
  • Multi server/core support


You can find out more about Dezi at

Note that this plugin requires you to have an instance of Dezi using a schema with the following fields: id, permalink, numcomments, categories, categoriessrch, tags, tagssrch, author, type. An example Dezi config file you can use is distributed at dezi-for-wordpress/


  1. Upload the dezi-for-wordpress folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Install the dezi-client-php module:
% cd wp-content/plugins/dezi-for-wordpress`
% composer install
  1. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  2. Configure the plugin with the hostname, port, and URI path to your Dezi installation.
  3. Load all your posts and/or pages via the "Load All Posts" button in the settings page.
  4. Copy dezi-for-wordpress/template/dezi4w_example.php to your theme directory as dezi4w_search.php.
  5. Add result styling to your theme css file, see dezi-for-wordpress/template/search.css for an example.
  6. You can use the search widget in your sidebar for search, or use a custom search box that submits the query in the parameter "s".


If you are working from a git clone of the dezi-for-wordpress repository, you need to be aware that the plugin uses git submodules in order to include the Dezi_Client dependencies. After you have cloned dezi-for-wordpress, you need to:

% git submodule init
% git submodule update
% cd dezi-client
% git submodule init
% git submodule update


Dezi search plugin for Wordpress.






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