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A React Native default iOS item cell. The cell grows with the inner text.

ItemCell component screenshot


RN>=0.18 is required for 1.4.x. Install the package:

$ yarn add react-native-item-cell

Install FontAwesome from the awesome Joel Oblador's react-native-vector-icons:



Prop API

Prop Type Description
showDisclosureIndicator bool Shows a small arrow at the right side of the cell.
icon {uri: string} object or require() URI to render left icon with an URL for the image source or require for a local image source.
children string The inner text to render.
subtitle string An optional subtitle to render below the children.
value string An optional value to display instead of the disclosure indicator.
backgroundColor string The color code of the cell background color.
textStyle The cell text style.
chevronColor string color code The color code for the disclosure indicator.




Álvaro Medina Ballester