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mbed OS 5 bootloader for LoRaWAN firmware updates (with AT45 external flash)
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mbed OS 5 bootloader for AT45 SPI Flash

Bootloader used for firmware updates over LoRaWAN. Tested with L-Tek FF1705 - based on Multi-Tech xDot.

How to build

  1. Install mbed CLI and the GNU ARM Embedded Toolchain.

  2. Import this project:

    $ mbed import
  3. Build the project:

    $ mbed compile -m xdot_l151cc -t GCC_ARM --profile ./profiles/release.json

Note that the bootloader size is currently set to 0x7000, but you can set this lower when building for a release profile if you need more space for your application.

Debug messages

If you want to see debug messages on the serial port (baud rate 9,600):

  1. Build with:

    $ mbed compile -m xdot_l151cc -t GCC_ARM --profile ./profile/develop.json


Based on the initial work by Chris Snow.

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