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Deprecation note!

Please note: this repository is deprecated and is no longer actively maintained.

However, this library is part of Arm's Mbed Cloud offering and as such the code is available via Mbed Cloud Client under mbed-client folder. That repository is actively maintained.

ARM mbed Client

This repository contains ARM mbed Client: a library that connects devices to mbed Device Connector Service, mbed Device Server (mDS) and to mbed-enabled cloud services from our partners.

The documentation is collected under the docs directory and the mbed Client Guide is also hosted here.

Running Unit Tests

Pre-requisites for the unit tests includes the following tools:

  • CppUTest
  • XSL
  • lcov
  • gcovr
  • Ninja

You can use these commands to get the tools if you are running Ubuntu.

sudo apt-get install cpputest
sudo apt-get install xsltproc
sudo apt-get install lcov
sudo apt-get install gcovr
sudo apt-get install ninja-build