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Nanostack release for mbed OS 5.14 #11335

merged 6 commits into from Aug 28, 2019


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commented Aug 26, 2019


Nanostack release candidate for mbed OS 5.14

Following libraries updated using using git subtree:

  • features/nanostack/sal-stack-nanostack to v11.2.0
  • features/nanostack/coap-service
  • features/nanostack/sal-stack-nanostack-eventloop

Pull request type

[ ] Fix
[ ] Refactor
[ ] Target update
[x] Functionality change
[ ] Docs update
[ ] Test update
[ ] Breaking change


@mikter , @SeppoTakalo , @kjbracey-arm

Release Notes

This release contains updates for the Mesh protocols:

  • Stability improvements and bug fixes to Wi-SUN.
  • Enabled Nanostack PPP protocol support.

This version of Wi-SUN stack is inter-operable only with itself (development work still on-going).
Wi-SUN protocol is tested using functional protocol testing suites.
Wi-SUN non-functional testing is performed using more than 100 devices connected to single Wi-SUN network.
Thread stack is verified using protocol testing suite that includes certification test suite

JarkkoPaso added 6 commits Aug 26, 2019

4a19dc4 Import new thread files
f6a021d Removed test files
b9e842a Merge branch 'release_internal' into release_external
7d5d869 Merge pull request #2167 from ARMmbed/release_internal_merge
26e2d43 Merge branch 'master' into release_internal
f43620f Add support for India band (#2166)
122f158 Merge pull request #2165 from ARMmbed/release_internal_merge
0e65ee5 Added disabling of NA for Thread BR PPP backbone
4c50e52 Added disabling of NA for Wi-SUN BR PPP backbone
d2ea325 Moved DAD enabled check to Ipv6 SLAAC handler
49994fc Added PPP interface to nanostack
3383e91 Merge pull request #2163 from ARMmbed/IOTTHD-3558
81f7511 MAC: print RF configs
397240a MAC: Implemented CCA threshold and TX power setting
5907042 Added check for allocation failures in EAPOL
9ed97c9 ETX update:
b489415 Add own certificate handling APIS (#2149)
888a0fb fhss_ws: check if 0 used as divider
586f2f2 Merge pull request #2160 from hugueskamba/hk-iotcore-1299-remove-fp-usage-ns_monitor
f1d03b1 Remove floating-point usage in Nanostack heap monitor
ef88f64 Removed rank comprae and also probe 5 best on the list.
a2887d6 Clean PAN id compare trace print.
f37dcf2 Wi-SUN NS NUD & Probe send update
f7133f8 Merge pull request #2158 from ARMmbed/remove_temp_debug_traces
2dc1a8e fhss_ws: removed temporary debug traces
96f962a Reduce wi-sun NS Probe
0a1beb2 GTK update trigger fix
a1d172e Limit Pan config sol timeout after 5 solication.
9d7414b Limit PAE supplikant GTK re-use for authentication from 2->1.
662df08 Fixed Key request address set issue if GTK mismatch is detected.
a56b908 Merge pull request #2153 from ARMmbed/IOTTHD-3650
9b33e98 Fixed mac_pd_sap CCA_PREPARE active ACK handler.
035af9a Enhanced ACK GEN and TX update
b1beb5d fhss_ws: typecast drift to int32_t
f786fc9 Merge pull request #2152 from ARMmbed/fhss_coverity_fix
6efff35 fhss_ws: Coverity fixes
d743e91 WS LLC brodacst shedule fix
6a6fb0c Removed old configuration options from Border router API
a051865 Merge pull request #2135 from ARMmbed/IOTTHD-3232
ff771b1 Added empty interface function for network name set
e94da3c Merge pull request #2146 from ARMmbed/IOTTHD-3571_2
234e649 added network name change function to public API
1770465 fhss_ws: Added temporary debug traces (IOTTHD-3571)
d400859 Fix Thread 1.1 unitests (#2145)
38978f3 wi-sun ETX update:
4a71b04 Adjust Thread functions defined for Thread 1.2 (#2139)
4d8dc0d remove border router from pan size calculation
fb3363e Merge pull request #2141 from ARMmbed/IOTTHD-3571
f01c5f2 fhss_ws: conversion macros/functions to support int64
a7b0027 Suprress dio sending whenRPL is not yet ready
f8c9d54 Adjust tracing (#2138)
678eaf8 Moved Thread 1.2 code to to correct place
f39d07e Merge pull request #2136 from ARMmbed/IOTTHD-3571
ab23116 FHSS: temporary debug traces (IOTTHD-3571)
09d4b06 MAC: Implemented PHY statistics

git-subtree-dir: features/nanostack/sal-stack-nanostack
git-subtree-split: 4a19dc4784d05a49981a8dce27bed6771e65feb5
* commit 'b7910939daa15a8e658dbc58bccaeb3bb101d338':
  Squashed 'features/nanostack/sal-stack-nanostack/' changes from 3c7d50e..4a19dc4

e9edb1b Match COAP test stub to updated mbed-coap API (#124)

git-subtree-dir: features/nanostack/coap-service
git-subtree-split: e9edb1becdf501f1c1c234d81251a860ef90161a
* commit '928754fbc507c71890fa69fbd9cd20ab37f1d2a6':
  Squashed 'features/nanostack/coap-service/' changes from 3b447d2..e9edb1b
…from 7745556..276ff28

276ff28 Change event_data to uintptr_t

git-subtree-dir: features/nanostack/sal-stack-nanostack-eventloop
git-subtree-split: 276ff28179cc7f0c33fc28cb23bd26ea531f5dbf
* commit '7c99079717dd610f0674f6cf38a77af14f987dc6':
  Squashed 'features/nanostack/sal-stack-nanostack-eventloop/' changes from 7745556..276ff28
@ciarmcom ciarmcom requested review from kjbracey-arm, mikter, SeppoTakalo and ARMmbed/mbed-os-maintainers Aug 26, 2019

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commented Aug 26, 2019

mikter approved these changes Aug 27, 2019

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commented Aug 27, 2019

CI started as few approvals received already

@0xc0170 0xc0170 added needs: CI and removed needs: review labels Aug 27, 2019

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commented Aug 27, 2019

Test run: FAILED

Summary: 1 of 11 test jobs failed
Build number : 1
Build artifacts

Failed test jobs:

  • jenkins-ci/mbed-os-ci_greentea-test

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commented Aug 27, 2019

@ARMmbed/mbed-os-test Need your help to investigate these failures in multiple PRs


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commented Aug 27, 2019

CI restarted


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commented Aug 27, 2019

Test run: SUCCESS

Summary: 11 of 11 test jobs passed
Build number : 2
Build artifacts

@0xc0170 0xc0170 added ready for merge and removed needs: CI labels Aug 28, 2019
@0xc0170 0xc0170 merged commit b27aa8c into ARMmbed:master Aug 28, 2019
25 checks passed
25 checks passed
continuous-integration/jenkins/pr-head This commit looks good
jenkins-ci/build-ARM Success
jenkins-ci/build-GCC_ARM Success
jenkins-ci/build-IAR Success
jenkins-ci/cloud-client-test Success
jenkins-ci/dynamic-memory-usage RTOS ROM(+0 bytes) RAM(-72 bytes)
jenkins-ci/exporter Success
jenkins-ci/greentea-test Success
jenkins-ci/mbed2-build-ARM Success
jenkins-ci/mbed2-build-GCC_ARM Success
jenkins-ci/mbed2-build-IAR Success
jenkins-ci/unittests Success
travis-ci/astyle Success!
travis-ci/docs Success!
travis-ci/doxy-spellcheck Success!
travis-ci/events Success! Runtime is 8655 cycles.
travis-ci/gitattributestest Success!
travis-ci/include_check Success!
travis-ci/licence_check Success!
travis-ci/littlefs Success! Code size is 8464B.
travis-ci/psa-autogen Success!
travis-ci/tools-py2.7 Success!
travis-ci/tools-py3.5 Success!
travis-ci/tools-py3.6 Success!
travis-ci/tools-py3.7 Success!
@JarkkoPaso JarkkoPaso deleted the JarkkoPaso:nanostack_release_for_mbedos_5_14 branch Sep 5, 2019
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