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Modulant allows for the creation of images and their sonification.

The present implementation is built upon image-importing and freehand-drawing modules that may be used to create arbitrary visual scenes (and eerie sounds), with more constrained functional and typographical modules in development.

The audio engine is inspired by a 1940’s synthesizer, the ANS, that scans across images. In this scanning, one axis is time and the other axis is frequency. Modulant thus becomes a graphical space to be explored sonically and vice-versa. The project is built with Processing for graphics and interaction, and Ruby & Puredata for sound.


The early Modulant has a plain and minimalist interface, geared toward fast switching between its modes.

The easiest start for the new user is the toolbar, which facilitates selecting drawing modes and colours, playing and pausing the composition, and loading and saving the work.

The application also responds to keyboard shortcuts covering a richer set of functionality.

Here is the current list of keybindings:

Bindings for Drawing

r       rectangle mode 
t       triangle mode 
e       ellipse mode 
f       freehand mode 
p       freehand paintbrush
d       freehand w/ dots
b       blur selected region	
Ctrl-z  undo 
Ctrl-y  redo
Shift-l clear all 

Selection Mode

s       selection mode
Ctrl-c  copy & interactively paste selection
Ctrl-x  cut & interactively paste selection
Escape  exit selection mode

Sonification Control

Space                  resume/pause scanning 
Left/Right             step 1px 
Ctrl-Left/Right        step 10px 
Shift-Ctrl-Left/Right  step 50px 
m                      mute/unmute sound 
g                      toggle grid


Escape-F1,F2,F3,F4     store current scanline position
F1,F2,F3,F4            jump to stored position

File Operations

Ctrl-o  load background image 
Ctrl-s  save work buffer as image 


0         black (eraser) 
1:8       Solarized base colours 
Ctrl-1:8  Solarized accents 
9         white


h         toggle help (this text)
Shift-t   toggle toolbar
Ctrl-q    exit application


Download and install Processing 3.0 (3.0a5 at the time of this writing):

Download and install (unpack) these libraries into your sketchbook/libraries folder:

See this short guide on installing libraries for the where and how if you are not sure.

The dependency on Processing 3.0 may go away at some point. Modulant gets a strange NullPointerException at startup on Processing 2.2.1.


  • Images that you load to sonify should have light features on dark backgrounds. The brightness of each pixel determines the volume of the associated oscillator -- if the majority of your image is bright, then all you're going to hear is a loud and harsh noise.

  • Also, when drawing, it's better to avoid bright and long/thick vertical lines/regions -- these will turn on a lot of oscillators in one go, which may sound unpleasant (unless you know what you're doing).

  • Blur is a nice tool to make sounds more gentle.

Example images for sonification

Included in the data directory:

  • klee-lines-dots-drawing-bw.jpg : a drawing by Paul Klee (downloaded from here)
  • sc02-1n.jpg : an image used with the actual ANS synthesizer (downloaded from here)
  • Coil-ANS-C-grey.png : A "composition" by the experimental music group Coil
  • Coil-ANS-D-grey.png : Another one by Coil (note that these are a bit noisy due to lack of image cleaning)
  • graph2d-1.png : parametric graph 1
  • graph2d-2.png : parametric graph 2
  • graph2d-3.png : parametric graph 3


The ANS Synthesizer: Composing on a Photoelectronic Instrument

Wikipedia: ANS Synthesizer

Synth-Aesthesia: Soviet Synths And The ANS

Virtual ANS Spectral Synthesizer

Project members


Modulant - A sonification and audiovisual performance interface experiment
Copyright 2015 Berkan Eskikaya, Louis Pilfold

This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
file, You can obtain one at


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