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RAcross is libretro(RA?)'s core cross build environment.
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RAcross is libretro(RA?)'s core cross build emvironment.

- Use macOS 10.14.4 Mojave (Vanilla)

RAcross_mac can test follow cross builds

- host
- iOS
- iOS 9
- iOS ARM64


1. Locate RAcross_mac directory on home dir
2. login App Store
3. setup with terminal

	1. Finder -> "Location" -> "Utility" -> "terminal"
	2. cd RAcross_mac
	3. ./

	- Homebrew
	- Xcode (after installed, You must agree)

4. "RAcross setup is finished." displaied then close terminal and reboot


1. open terminal
2. locate your core source at /home/USER/
3. edit libretro-super/, LR_CORE and LR_CORE_SRC value
4. cd libretro-super
5. ./
6. build logs are output in log dir
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