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Academy Software Foundation


  1. tac Public

    Materials and meeting notes for the ASWF Technical Advisory Council (TAC)

    JavaScript 77 32

  2. artwork Public

    🎨ASWF related logos and artwork

    HTML 6 6

  3. Academy Software Foundation foundation level resources, such as the charter, FAQ about the project, and other public assets

    5 3

  4. 🌄Landscape for popular open source projects used in the motion picture industry. This interactive landscape similar to that of the CNCF Landscape ( that sorts through popular ope…

    55 23

  5. aswf-sample-project Public template

    ASWF Sample Project

    CMake 7 10

  6. aswf-sample-wg Public template

    Repository template for a working group

    2 2


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