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WebApiActivequerybuilder - the Ruby gem for the QueryBuilderApi

Active Query Builder Web API lets create, analyze and modify SQL queries for different database servers using RESTful HTTP requests to a cloud-based service. It requires SQL execution context (information about database schema and used database server) to be stored under the registered account at

Getting Started

Please follow the installation procedure and then run the following code:

# Load the gem
require 'webapi-active-query-builder'

api =

metadataGuid = 'b3207f4f-b1f4-4dc2-979b-7724ed2d0221'
sql = 'Select customer_id, first_name From customer'

query = # SqlQuery | Information about SQL query and it's context.
query.guid = metadataGuid
query.text = sql

columns = api.get_query_columns_post(query)
p columns

transform =
transform.guid = metadataGuid
transform.sql = sql

filter =

condition =
condition.field = "customer_id"
condition.condition_operator = "Greater"
condition.values = [10]

filter.conditions = [condition]

page =
page.skip = 2
page.take = 3

order =
order.field = "customer_id"
order.order = "asc"

transform.filter = filter
transform.pagination = page
transform.sortings = [order]

result = api.transform_sql_post(transform)
p result

Documentation for API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to

Class Method HTTP request Description
WebApiActivequerybuilder::ActiveQueryBuilderApi get_query_columns_post POST /getQueryColumns
WebApiActivequerybuilder::ActiveQueryBuilderApi transform_sql_post POST /transformSQL

Documentation for Models

Documentation for Authorization

All endpoints do not require authorization.

Source code

Full source code of all clients for Active Query Builder Web API is available on GitHub. Get the source code of javascript here: