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                            A W S - Ada Web Server
                                20.0 release

   Dmitriy Anisimkov
   Pascal Obry

AWS stand for Ada Web Server. It is a small yet powerful HTTP component to
embed in any applications. It means that you can communicate with your
application using a standard Web browser and this without the need for a Web
Server. AWS is fully developed in Ada with GNAT.

AWS support SOAP/WSDL, Server Push, HTTPS/SSL, client HTTP, hotplug

AWS comes with SOAP/WSDL support, two tools are proposed:

   ada2wsdl   which generates a WSDL document from an Ada spec

   wsdl2aws   which generates stubs/skeletons AWS code from a WSDL document

Both tools have mapping for standard Ada types but also supports Ada
enumerations, character, records and arrays.

The SOAP implementation has been validated on
This on-line service is not available anymore but the current implementation
is validated against the Apache/AXIS SOAP implementation to ensure the
interoperability. Some users have also reported to have used AWS/SOAP with
.NET and gSOAP without trouble.

Non upward compatible changes

Note that the changes listed below can introduce non upward compatibility.
In such a case we try to give proper advice on how to change the code
to work properly. Of course we try to avoid this as much as possible
but we really prefer to have a clean API instead of keeping awkward

- New parameter IPv6_Only in the Bind routine of the AWS.Net.Socket_Type
  hierarhy. If user code has the Bind overriden, this parameter must be added.

Obsolescent features

In each new version we try to be upward compatible with previous
version. This is really important, but in some cases it seems that a
"redesign" of the API would be good in the long term. All obsolescent
features will be listed in this section. Those features will be
removed in the next version. Note that you can check usage of those
features in your application by using the GNAT's -gnatwj option as we
have tagged all obsolescent features with a pragma.


AWS Home Page (sources and printable documentations in Postscript and PDF):

Templates_Parser sources:
   Templates_Parser module (sources and documentation) is provided with AWS


   You need at least GNAT 2015 GPL Edition or GNAT Pro 7.2

XML/Ada (optional):

   You need this library only if you want to use AWS SOAP feature. You need
   at least XML/Ada version 2.2.0.

OpenSSL (optional):

   You need to install manually the development libraries (>= 1.0.2).

LibreSSL (optional):

   You need to install manually the development libraries (>= 2.8.0).
   LibreSSL is an implementation fully compatible with OpenSSL, you
   just have to configure AWS as with OpenSSL.

GNUTLS (optional):

   You need to install manually the development libraries. AWS needs at
   least version 3.2.4 of GNUTLS.

OpenLDAP library (optional) :

   Sources for UNIX or Win32:

      AWS binding will use to the Microsoft LDAP dynamic library.

Windows Services API (optional):

   To build the runme demo as a Windows NT/2000 services you must download
   the services API made by Ted Dennison for his SETI@Home project.

Reporting bugs

You can report bugs to AdaCore:


Thanks to the contributors and peoples who send feedbacks, ideas
about AWS. In the early stage of the project this is very valuable.

So thanks goes to Georg Bauhaus, Ted Dennison, Wiljan Derks, Sune Falck,
David C. Hoos, Audran Le Baron, Thierry Lelegard, Nicolas Lesbats,
Olivier Ramonat, Jean-François Rameau, Maxim Reznik, Jean-Pierre Rosen,
Jerme Roussel, Ariane Sinibardy, Henrik Sundberg.

Thanks to all who have reported bugs and have sent us patches.