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This repository contains some code I've written in Go, including libraries for collections and LINQ queries.

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This repository contains some code I've written in Go, including libraries for collections and LINQ queries. It requires Go version 1.12 or later.

Collections and LINQ

The library simplifies interaction with collections and sequences by providing abstractions for sequences and collections and LINQ-like queries over them.


The collections library is the simpler of the two, and provides the following:

  • Interfaces for common collection patterns, such as Iterator, Sequence, Collection, List, Dictionary, ReadOnlyList, ReadOnlyDictionary, and Queue
  • Strongly typed equality and ordering methods, and implementations of the above interfaces, for slices of built-in types and some maps
  • A generic equality method that works for all built-in types and most others as well
  • A generic ordering method that works for all built-in types, plus time.Time values (and the list may be extended further)
  • Reflection-based implementations of the above interfaces for all other types of slices and maps
  • Simple ways to create sequences from arrays, slices, maps, channels, strings, and functions

These primarily exist to assist the LINQ library, but can be useful on their own.


The LINQ library provides a full-featured set of LINQ-like queries.

  • General: AddToSlice, All, Any, Append, Cache, Concat, Contains, Count, ForEach, GroupBy, Prepend, Reverse, Select, SelectMany, SequenceEqual, ToSlice, Where plus the sequence-generating methods Range and Repeat
  • Aggregates: Aggregate, AggregateFrom, AggregateOrDefault, AggregateOrNil, TryAggregate, Merge, Sum, SumFrom, SumOrDefault, SumOrNil, TrySum, Zip
  • First & last: First, FirstOrDefault, FirstOrNil, TryFirst, Last, LastOrDefault, LastOrNil, TryLast, Single, SingleOrDefault, SingleOrNil, TrySingle
  • Map-related: AddPairsToMap, AddToMap, PairsToMap, ToMap
  • Ordering: Order, OrderDescending, OrderBy, OrderByDescending, Max, MaxOrDefault, MaxOrNil, TryMax, Min, MinOrDefault, MinOrNil, TryMin
  • Parallel processing: ParallelForEach and ParallelSelect
  • Sets: Distinct, Except, Intersect, and Union
  • Skip & take: Skip, SkipWhile, Take, and TakeWhile

... and many variants of the above methods that allow custom predicates, custom orderings and comparisons, and pair-based and key-value-based alternatives.


Find all customers who've spent more than $1000, ordered by how much they spent.

topCustomers = From(orders).
    GroupByR(func(o Order) T { return o.CustomerId }).
    SelectKVR(func(custId int, orders LINQ) T {
        return Pair{custId, orders.SelectR(func(o Order) T { return o.Total }).Sum()}).
    WhereKVR(func(custId int, total int64) T { return total > 1000 }).

Process URLs from a channel, fetching each over a web request and inserting the interesting results into a database, in parallel.

    ParallelSelectR(0, func(url string) T {
        var i Item; json.Unmarshal(webRequest(url), &i); return i }).
    ParallelForEachR(0, insertIntoDatabase)

func isInteresting(i Item) bool { ... }
func insertIntoDatabase(i Item) { ... }


This repository contains some code I've written in Go, including libraries for collections and LINQ queries.







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