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⚠️ Project No Longer Maintained ⚠️

Consider migrating to its direct replacement LdapRecord-Laravel.

Read Why

Adldap2 - Laravel

Easy configuration, access, management and authentication to LDAP servers utilizing the core Adldap2 repository.

Quickstart · Documentation

  • Authenticate LDAP users into your application. Using the built-in authentication driver, easily allow LDAP users to log into your application and control which users can login via Scopes and Rules.

  • Easily Import & Synchronize LDAP users. Users can be imported into your database upon first login, or you can import your entire directory via a simple command: php artisan adldap:import.

  • Eloquent like Query Builder. Search for LDAP records with a fluent and easy to use interface you're used to. You'll feel right at home.

  • Active Record LDAP Models. LDAP records are returned as individual models. Easily create and update models then persist them to your LDAP server with a simple save().