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Websockets for ESP8266/Arduino
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ESPSocket: Websockets for ESP8266


This project demostrates WebSockets using the Arduino port of ESP8266. It uses some awesome projects like arduinoWebSockets and ColorChord: Embedded. I've tried to port some of the WebSockets functionality from ColorChord: Embedded to work with the Arduino port of ESP8266 It uses the SPIFFS file system on the ESP8266 to host a bunch of webpages. It also supports OTA firmware updates.

Inspired by these two awesome videos:

WebSockets for awesome on the ESP8266

WebSocket ESP-WROOM-02(ESP8266) Android iPad

Note: This is a work in progress! Some things are still broken.

  • Arduino IDE from here. OTA updates will not work with 1.6.6 until this PR is merged.
  • Git version of esp8266/Arduino from here
Used projects
Known Issues
  • For some reason, the IP address needs to be hardcoded in menuinterface.js, ws://espsocket.local:81/ or "ws://" + + ":81/" does not work. Need to use var wsUri = "ws://";
  • Unsupported commands result in loss of connection
  • Drag and drop file upload results in LmacRxBlk:1, but the uplaod works
  • The WiFi Settings section is still not working
Tested Hardware
  • NodeMCU 0.9
  • Uploading html and js files to the SPIFFS SPIFFSupload

  • All tabs expanded All Features

  • The filesystem browser edit pane EDIT pange

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