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Perl script to remove purge an IMAP mailbox of mail older than n days

Updated Apr 23, 2016

Perl 2 0


These are the utilities that After6 Services has developed to make Movable Type Pro Support and professional services work easier.

Updated Oct 25, 2015


forked from beausmith/mt-plugin-ghostwriter

A plugin for selecting Author on Edit Entry/Page screen.

Updated Sep 2, 2014

Perl 3 1


SuperAssets for Flickr is a Movable Type plugin that allows users to import and use Flickr photos as image assets in the Movable Type Asset Manager.

Updated Jun 26, 2014

Perl 3 1


SuperAssets for YouTube is a Movable Type plugin that allows users to import and use YouTube videos as assets in the Movable Type Asset Manager.

Updated Oct 26, 2013

Perl 3 1


SuperAssets for SoundCloud is a Movable Type plugin that allows users to import and use SoundCloud audio clips as multimedia assets in the Movable Type Asset Manager.

Updated Sep 13, 2013

Perl 0 2


forked from byrnereese/mt-plugin-promotethis

A plugin for Movable Type that makes it easy to add "Digg This" and other sharing links on your blog.

Updated Jun 5, 2013


forked from CNG/mt_sitemapxml

Updated May 9, 2013

Perl 0 3


forked from movabletype/mt-plugin-unrecognized-tags

Movable Type plugin for identifying unrecognized tags in use in templates.

Updated Mar 21, 2013

Perl 0 3


forked from endevver/mt-plugin-cleansweep

A Movable Type plugin to help administrators manage 404s on their site and redirect users to the proper/desired content.

Updated Feb 27, 2013

Perl 0 1


forked from okayama/mt-plugin-googleanalytics

A Movable Type plugin to show access logs from Google Analytics in the "Blog Stats" widget on the blog dashboard.

Updated Jan 30, 2013

Perl 1 0


Updated Nov 30, 2012


Plugin to add Create and Manage Menus to the Movable Type 5 Content Management System

Updated Nov 24, 2012

Perl 1 5


forked from naoaki011/mt-plugin-assethandler

Adds a Batch Edit option to the drop down menu on the asset listing screens. An importer allows you to easily import existing files on your server into Movable Type as assets.

Updated Oct 26, 2012

Python 0 8


forked from wiseman/Movable-Type-WordPress-export

Export a Movable Type blog's entries, pages, and assets as a WordPress eXtended RSS file (WXR) for easy import into your WordPress blog. Add a new index template, an output filename, save, publish, and import.

Updated May 22, 2012

Perl 2 1


forked from koikikukan/mt-plugin-emulate-ie

EmulateIE is a Movable Type plugin that instructs the more recent versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer to properly display Movable Type CMS pages.

Updated May 16, 2012

Perl 0 1


forked from nataliepo/TemplatesToGithub

Movable Type template exporter/importer ideal for github checkins. Originally developed by Auburn and Ivory. Now maintained by After6 Services LLC.

Updated May 5, 2012

Perl 0 5


forked from movabletype/mt-plugin-recaptcha

Captcha plugin for Movable Type powered by reCaptcha.

Updated Apr 2, 2012

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