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Agora Flutter Quickstart

This tutorial describes how to create an Agora account and build a sample app with Agora using Flutter.

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Quick Start

This repository shows you how to use Agora Flutter SDK to build a simple video call app. It demonstrates you how to:

  • Join / leave a channel
  • Mute / unmute audio
  • Switch camera views
  • Layout multiple video views

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Create an Account and Obtain an App ID

To build and run the sample application, first obtain an app ID:

  1. Create a developer account at Once you finish the sign-up process, you are redirected to the dashboard.
  2. Navigate in the dashboard tree on the left to Projects > Project List.
  3. Copy the app ID that you obtain from the dashboard into a text file. You will use this when you launch the app.

Update and Run the Sample Application

Open the settings.dart file and add the app ID.

  const APP_ID = "";

Run the packages get command in your project directory:

  # install dependencies
  flutter pub get

Once the build is complete, run the run command to start the app.

  # start app
  flutter run

We recommend you to use IDE to control overall build process during development

Details about how to set up the IDE please take a look at here

Error handling

iOS memory leak

if your flutter channel is stable, PlatformView will cause memory leak, you can run flutter channel beta

you can refer to this pull request

Android Black screen

Tips: please make sure your all configurations are correct, but still black screen

if your MainActivity extends and override the configureFlutterEngine function

please don't forget add super.configureFlutterEngine(flutterEngine)

please don't add GeneratedPluginRegistrant.registerWith(flutterEngine), plugins will be registered auto now

you can refer to official documents

Android Release crash

it causes by code obfuscation because of flutter set android.enableR8=true by the default

Add the following line in the app/ file to prevent code obfuscation:

-keep class io.agora.**{*;}

Reporting an issue

Please ensure you provide following information when you report an issue,


Flutter Doctor

run flutter doctor and copy the log output.

Agora SDK Logs

Insert below code

AgoraRtcEngine.setParameters("{\"rtc.log_filter\": 65535}");

to call.dart The eventual outcome would look like this,

    AgoraRtcEngine.setParameters("{\"rtc.log_filter\": 65535}");
    AgoraRtcEngine.joinChannel(null, widget.channelName, null, 0);

and then start the app. Our sdk log will print directly to console in this case.




This software is under the MIT License (MIT).


Quickstart guide for the Agora Flutter SDK(Android/iOS)





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