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Quickstart for Agora Flutter SDK(Android/iOS)
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Agora Flutter Quickstart

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This tutorial describes how to create an Agora account and build a sample app with Agora using Flutter.


Quick Start

This repository shows you how to use Agora Flutter SDK to build a simple video call app. It demonstrates you how to:

  • Join / leave a channel
  • Mute / unmute audio
  • Switch camera views
  • Layout multiple video views

Screenshot-1 Screenshot-2

Create an Account and Obtain an App ID

To build and run the sample application, first obtain an app ID:

  1. Create a developer account at Once you finish the sign-up process, you are redirected to the dashboard.
  2. Navigate in the dashboard tree on the left to Projects > Project List.
  3. Copy the app ID that you obtain from the dashboard into a text file. You will use this when you launch the app.

Update and Run the Sample Application

Open the settings.dart file and add the app ID.

  const APP_ID = "";

Run the packages get command in your project directory:

  # install dependencies
  flutter packages get

Once the build is complete, run the run command to start the app.

  # start app
  flutter run

We recommend you to use IDE to control overall build process during development

Details about how to set up the IDE please take a look at here




This software is under the MIT License (MIT).

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