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StyleGAN - Official TensorFlow Implementation
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Script to animate the mouth position of StyleGAN output from an audio file.


ffmpeg and NVIDIA CUDA drivers must be installed.

Prepare Python Environment

conda create -n animate pip python=3.7
conda activate animate
pip install tensorflow-gpu pillow requests sklearn pydub

Download a StyleGAN model file, like:


python <MP3 path> <Model path> <Output path>


python ~/data/presentday.mp3 ~/data 2019-04-30-stylegan-danbooru2018-portraits-02095-066083.pkl presentday.mp4


usage: [-h] [--psi PSI] [--truncate_pre TRUNCATE_PRE]
                        [--truncate_post TRUNCATE_POST]
                        [--output_dir OUTPUT_DIR] [--delete_imgs DELETE_IMGS]
                        [--randomize_noise RANDOMIZE_NOISE] [--seed SEED]
                        audio stylegan output

positional arguments:
  audio                 The filename of the audio file.
  stylegan              The filename of the StyleGAN pkl file.
  output                Set output filename of ffmpeg

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --psi PSI             The truncation psi. Default 0.7.
  --truncate_pre TRUNCATE_PRE
                        Truncate before dlatent modification. Default True.
  --truncate_post TRUNCATE_POST
                        Truncate after dlatent modification. Default True.
  --output_dir OUTPUT_DIR
                        Directory to output images to.
  --randomize_noise RANDOMIZE_NOISE
                        Whether to randomize the noise every step. Default False.
  --seed SEED           Random seed. 


The audio amplitude to mouth position mapping is pretty basic and could use some improvement.

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