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Protected Video CI

WordPress plugin that provides a Gutenberg block and traditional Shortcode for embedding YouTube/Vimeo videos, in a way that prevents users easily accessing the underlying video.


  • Plyr player used to overlay default player with custom controls
  • Player modifications to always prevent clicking the default player
  • Encodes video ID in HTML to prevent finding it via “View Source”
  • Settings page to configure the player theme to match your site

View Player Demo


Install from the WordPress Plugin Directory or grab a ZIP from Releases. This plugin supports Git Updater.

To embed a video either search for "Protected Video" in the Block Editor, or use the Shortcode e.g.

[protected_video url="" service="youtube"]


To develop locally within WordPress, symlink this repository to wp-content/plugins/protected-video.

Then run yarn and yarn build to build the plugin, and activate it in the WordPress admin.

Run yarn start to build/watch files for development within WordPress.

Run yarn start:demo to build/watch files for standalone player demo and open in browser.