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Lux Renderer

Lux Renderer is a rendering system capable of rendering high quality, life-like images. Everything was written from scratch in pure C++ without any third party library. Lux Renderer cover most of the content in pbrt v3 and also easier to read.


SanMiguel_Final_No_Fog_4096 1_BathRoom_Of_Lux_Beautiful ClassRoom_Waifu_2_big_fog_sun_sigma_a_0 6_sun_sigma_s_0 05_god_ray_9_6_3_8192_sky_4 ppm_8192_9 2_Daki_Room_Perfect 3_Kitchen 4_Living_Room 5_Modern_Hall 6_Stair_Case 7_Dabrovic_Sponza 8_Sibenik 9_Coffe_And_Baby 10_Lamp_4096_raw_1 11_Dining_Room 12_Salle_De_Bain 13_Hexa_Ball_up_skirt 14_Victorian_House 15_Space_Ship 17_SanMiguel Cornell_Box_Fog_20480 20_God_Ray_Room_High_Monkey_4096_9 Volume_2048_Red_Green ppmde_purple_de_black_de_infinity_de_speckle_4 Volume_2048_White ppmde_purple_de_black_de_infinity_de_speckle_4 Volume_2048_White ppmde_purple_de_black_de_infinity_de_speckle_fix_position_plus_100 Volume_2048_White ppmde_purple_de_black_de_infinity_de_speckle_fix_position_plus_595 Ajax_bright_-10_contrast_35


  • Unidrectional Path Tracing with NEE and MIS.

  • SAH BVH.

  • Render models with 10M+ triangles using vertex compression and Texture DownScale

  • Normal mapping and convert bump map to normal map.

  • Alpha Texture.

  • Enviroment Mapping.

  • SSE Ray-Box Intersection (optional).

  • Area Lighting, Point Lighting And Directional Lighting.

  • Lambert.

  • Mirror.

  • Various kinds of Glass.

  • Microfacet model.

  • ThinDielectric, ThinSheet, ClearCoat.

  • Volumetric Path Tracing.

  • God Ray.

  • SubSurface Scattering.

  • Diffuse Velvet and Ashikhmin Velvet.

  • Simple Portal.

  • Adaptive Sampling.

  • Openmp parallel.

  • And Many More...