REPL-y: A fitter, happier, more productive REPL for Clojure.
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A fitter, happier, more productive REPL for Clojure.

Improvements over the existing REPL

  • allows a number of readline commands:
    • jumping to the start/end of lines
    • jumping forward/back by word (not available in JLine versions before 2)
    • history searching
    • and much much more
  • CTRL-C:
    • doesn't bail out of the process - stops interruption-friendly operations
    • kills the currently running command, breaks out of infinite loops, etc.
  • code completion for:
    • vars, namespaces, Java classes
    • Java packages
    • namespace-qualified vars
    • Java static methods

Hopefully coming soon

  • better stacktraces, likely using one of the existing tools

Maybe one day

  • smart indentation
  • colorization
  • code completion for:
    • Java methods (maybe based on type-hinted clojure vars?)
  • hold full source code in metadata? (for in-repl defns)


I'm hoping this will eventually be distributed with Russ Olsen's excellent dejour, and perhaps also with Phil Hagelberg's leiningen.

Meantime (assuming you have leiningen installed):

git clone
cd reply
lein deps, compile


Run bin/ This will get friendlier for non-Cygwin Windows users.


Thanks to the Clojure and JLine developers for their work on the excellent projects that this project depends upon.

Special thanks to 8th Light for paying me to work on this during our open-source Friday afternoons.


Copyright (C) 2011 Colin Jones

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.