Starter Kit

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Aliapur has developped a Beta version of its Starter Kit

The aim is to provide the curious makers with samples of raw recycled materials, so that can create their first objects and imagine new possibilities !

This is Beta version, so the input of the first users will be very valuable for the next versions. What should be added ? What complementary information would you need ? Send us your advices at wiki(at)

For the moment, the Beta version is limited to French collaborative spaces only (fablab, makerspace, workshops...) . If you are interested, please fill this form, or contact with a description of your project, and your demand will be assessed.

Content of the Beta version

This beta version was designed to allow the makers to get familiar with the secondary raw materials obtained from used tyres, and create their first molded objects.

Standard proportion : 2 tbsp. of polyurethane binder for 100g of granulates or powder

Size (1kg each) from 3 to 6 mm from 1 to 3 mm from 0 to 0.8 mm
Density ~0.48 ~0.43 ~0.40

Get started with it ? Fill the form to receive your kit !

Explore what has been done by the community with the kit and add your own creations

First steps with the kit


Create you first molded object

Tutorial to create a keel of Mölkky (french)

You want to go further ? Find out more about

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