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Demodal is a browser extension that automatically removes content blocking modals including paywalls, discount offers, promts to sign up or enter your email address and more.

Modal dialogues such as paywalls, discount offers, cookie prompts and GDPR banners are user-hostile interfaces that demand your attention and interrupt your browsing experience. Demodal puts you back in control, letting you focus on the content.


Google Chrome

Install locally:

  • Clone this repository
  • Run ./run manifest v3 or copy manifest-v3.json to manifest.json
  • Go to about:extensions
  • Enable 'Developer mode'
  • Click 'Load unpacked'
  • Select the project folder

Mozilla Firefox

Install locally:

  • Clone this repository
  • Run ./run manifest v2 or copy manifest-v2.json to manifest.json
  • Go go about:debugging#/runtime/this-firefox
  • Click 'Load Temporary Add-on'
  • Select manifest.json


This extension is in early development. You can help by reporting websites with modals that didn't get blocked, or by creating your own definitions and sharing them with us and the community. The aim is to build up a comprehensive set of rules over time to block modals anywhere.

Demodal is not an ad-blocker. Only create definitions for UI elements that intefere with reading of content.

When submitting a pull request, please include a screenshot of the element that's being blocked and a link to a website to test.

Every definition should clearly match one modal type (e.g. consent request or paywall). Don't create overly broad definitions (e.g. div.modal) that could block legimitate modals.


Modal types

Type Description
consent Cookie and GDPR notices.
donate Prompts to make a donation.
email Prompts to enter your email address.
message General messages and notifications.
offer Promotions and discounts.
paywall Prompts to sign up for a paid subscription.
signup Prompts to create an account.


Definitions are located in /definitions, file-separated by modal type. Definitions are grouped by URL pattern.

  "<glob> [ <glob> ... ]": { // URL pattern
    // Definition
    "if <function> [ <function> ... ]": { // Condition
      "<selector>": "<function> [ <argument> ... ]" // Action
    // Definition (shorthand, no condition)
    "<selector>": "<function> [ <argument> ... ]" // Action


  "* *": {
    "if $(.modal)": {
      ".modal": "remove" // Remove element if present
    ".modal": "addClass hide" // Remove element (shorthand)
    "if defined(ModalDialog)": {
      "ModalDialog.close": "call" // Call function if defined
    "if defined(ModalDialog)": {
      "ModalDialog.setClosed": "call true" // Call function with arguments

URL pattern

URL patterns are defined as globs, allowing wildcards (*).

Glob Matches
* Any URL.
* Apex domain and any subdomain, e.g., and
**/about E.g.


Conditions start with if, followed by one or more functions. If all functions evaluate to true, the specified actions are run.


Function Argument Description
$() Query selector Tests if an HTML element exists.
defined() JavaScript property Tests if a JavaScript property exists.
sleep() Time in milliseconds Returns true after the specified time has passed


Actions are run when the condition is met, or if no condition is specified.


Function Argument Description
remove Remove the HTML element.
removeParent Number Remove parent node.
removeIf String Remove the HTML element if its text content matches a string.
addClass Class name Add a class.
removeClass Class name Remove a class.
addStyle Styles Appends CSS to the style attribute.
removeStyle Clears the style attribute.
click Click the HTML element.
call Call the function. Any arguments will be passed to the function.


Demodal is a browser extension that automatically removes content blocking modals including paywalls, discount offers, promts to sign up or enter your email address and more.








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