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The AlphaConsole Discord Bot
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AlphaConsole Discord Bot

This is the official Discord bot for the AlphaConsole Discord Server. This bot serves the over 200k members we currently have in our Discord (2nd largest worldwide).

What is AlphaConsole?

AlphaConsole is the largest 3rd party mod for the popular PC game Rocket League with over 100k users.

You can check out our site here.

Unfortunately due to the nature of the program, most of AlphaConsole cannot be open source excluding the Discord bot in this repo.

So what is this bot?

This bot is a re-write of our old C# Discord bot. It serves our server in many different ways.

For our users:
  • Allows them to set a custom title in game

  • Responds automatically to commonly asked questions

For the AlphaConsole Staff

The bot helps the AlphaConsole staff with lots of different things. Some examples would be user database lookups, auto spam/swear word protection, custom commands, warning, timed mutes, bans, kicks & way more than I want to list.

For a breakdown of all commands you can go to src\cmds For a breakdown of event calls you can go to src\events


If you are interested in contributing to this project it will require some setup.


You will need to create a tokens.js file in src/. Currently there is a template file called tokens.example.js if you prefer renaming that and using that.

Due to security reasons the rest of tokens.js must be blank otherwise people could mess with our database (meaning you can't use some of the bots functionality like !set title).


serverInfo.js contains all the channel ids. This may or may not need to be updated depending on what you are working on.


We are using a MySQL database. You can link your details of your MySQL server in the tokens.js file. You can copy the create statements from tokens.example.js if you would like to copy over the tables.

Please create a pull request into the dev branch :)


Feel free to message us on Discord, our Discord tag is

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