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F3 - Fight Flash Fraud
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Compile stable software on Linux, Apple Mac, Windows/Cygwin, and FreeBSD


Compile experimental software on Linux

make experimental


  • Experimental software might compile on non-Linux platforms, but there is no guarantee given that they are only tested on Linux.
  • Please do not e-mail me saying that you want an experimental software to run on your platform; I already know that.
  • If you want experimental software to run on your platform, help to port them, or find someone that can port them for you. If you do port the software, please send me a patch to help others.
  • Currently, f3probe, f3brew, and f3fix are experimental.
  • f3probe and f3brew require version 1 of the library libudev to compile. On Ubuntu, you can install this library with the following command: sudo apt-get install libudev1 libudev-dev
  • f3fix requires version 0 of the library libparted to compile. On Ubuntu, you can install this library with the following command: sudo apt-get install libparted0-dev

Use example of f3write/f3read

$ ./f3write /media/michel/5EBD-5C80/
$ ./f3read /media/michel/5EBD-5C80/

Please replace "/media/michel/5EBD-5C80/" with the appropriate path. USB devices are mounted in "/Volumes" on Macs.

For more information see


changelog   - Change log for package maintainers
f3read.1    - Man page for f3read and f3write
            In order to read this manual page, run `man ./f3read.1`
            To install the page, run
            `install --owner=root --group=root --mode=644 f3read.1 /usr/share/man/man1`
LICENSE     - License (GPLv3)
Makefile    - make(1) file
README      - This file
*.h and *.c - C code of F3

Bash scripts

Although the simple scripts listed in this section are ready for use, they are really meant to help you to write your own scripts. So you can personalize F3 to your specific needs.

f3write.h2w - Script to create files exactly like H2testw.
    Use example: `f3write.h2w /media/michel/5EBD-5C80/`

log-f3wr    - Script that runs f3write and f3read, and records
              their output into a log file.
    Use example: `log-f3wr log-filename /media/michel/5EBD-5C80/`

Please notice that all scripts and use examples above assume that f3write, f3read, and the scripts are reachable from your environment PATH variable. If that is not the case, but all of them are in your current path, prefix the use examples above with PATH=$PATH:./ as shown below for the script log-f3wr:

PATH=$PATH:./ log-f3wr log-filename /media/michel/5EBD-5C80/

The current path is represented by ./ in the previous example.

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