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Async++ is a lightweight concurrency framework for C++11. The concept was inspired by the Microsoft PPL library and the N3428 C++ standard proposal.

Supported Platforms

The only requirement to use Async++ is a C++11 compiler and standard library. Unfortunately C++11 is not yet fully implemented on most platforms. Here is the list of OS and compiler combinations which are known to work.

  • Linux: Works with GCC 4.7+, Clang 3.2+ and Intel compiler 15+.
  • Mac: Works with Apple Clang (using libc++). GCC also works but you must get a recent version (4.7+).
  • Windows: Works with GCC 4.8+ (with pthread-win32) and Visual Studio 2013+.

Building and Installing

Instructions for compiling Async++ and using it in your code are available on the Building and Installing page.


The Async++ documentation is split into four parts:

  • Tasks: This describes task objects which are the core Async++. Reading this first is strongly recommended.
  • Parallel algorithms: This describes functions to run work on ranges in parallel.
  • Schedulers: This describes the low-level details of Async++ and how to customize it.
  • API Reference: This gives detailed descriptions of all the classes and functions available in Async++.


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