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A boilerplate example bot with command handler and reloadable commands. Updated and Maintained by the Idiot's Guide Community
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Guide Bot

An example of a Discord.js Bot Handler. Updated and Maintained by the Idiot's Guide Community.

Ages ago, Guide Bot was actually a little bot I had on the official discord.js server. It helped me link to the d.js bot making guide I was building, with links. This bot grew into something that I could show new coders and bot makers, but over time it grew into a full framework - one that is now under the hands of a group of contributors, and no longer easily "understandable" by the majority of our newbies. So I've pulled the original Guide Bot out of the mothballs, gave it a fresh coat of paint and grease, and here it is back in its full glory!

This command handler is 98% compatible with my selfbot and 99% compatible with commands from York's Tutorial Bot.


  • git command line (Windows|Linux|MacOS) installed
  • node Version 8.0.0 or higher
  • The node-gyp build tools. This is a pre-requisite for Enmap, but also for a lot of other modules. See The Enmap Guide for details and requirements for your OS. Just follow what's in the tabbed block only, then come back here!

You also need your bot's token. This is obtained by creating an application in the Developer section of Check the first section of this page for more info.


In a command prompt in your projects folder (wherever that may be) run the following:

git clone

Once finished:

  • In the folder from where you ran the git command, run cd guidebot and then run npm install
  • If you get any error about python or msibuild.exe or binding, read the requirements section again!
  • Run node setup.js to generate a proper configuration file and settings.

Starting the bot

To start the bot, in the command prompt, run the following command: node index.js

Inviting to a guild

To add the bot to your guild, you have to get an oauth link for it.

You can use this site to help you generate a full OAuth Link, which includes a calculator for the permissions:

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