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TouchEffect was merged into XamarinCommunityToolkit xamarin/XamarinCommunityToolkit#566 I highly recommed to use TouchEffect from XCT

TouchEff effect for Xamarin Forms (Repsonisve touches without TapGestureRecognizer)

This plugin provides opportunity to create views with touch effects without using TapGestureRecognizer. It makes it possible to change the appearance of any control in response to touch events, either directly via xaml or with your custom logic hooked up to the events which this plugin exposes.

With this plugin it is also possible to respond to hover events (if the platform exposes them) and to display native touch feedback events (Tilt on UWP, Ripple on Android, Opacity/Color changing on iOS).

Build Status

  • Azure DevOps: Build status


TouchImage Fade / Ripple Background color / Transformations IsToggled / image


  • Available on NuGet: TouchView NuGet
  • Add nuget package to your Xamarin.Forms .netStandard/PCL project and to your platform-specific projects (iOS and Android)
  • Add TouchEffectPreserver.Preserve() line to your AppDelegate and MainActivity (preserve from linker)
Platform Version
Xamarin.iOS 8.0+
Xamarin.Android 15+
Xamarin.Mac All
Xamarin.UWP 10+
Tizen.NET 4.0+
Xamarin.UWP - Build on Release with .NET Native tool chain note
using System.Reflection;
var assembliesToInclude = new List<Assembly>
Xamarin.Forms.Forms.Init(e, assembliesToInclude);



The samples you can find here

XAML: use TouchEff for achieving repsonsive UI (Changing background image or/and background color or/and opacity or/and scale).

Use TouchEff attached properties for setting up touch visual effect.

            touch:TouchEff.Command="{Binding Command}">
            Padding="10, 5"
            <Label Text="CLICK ME" 
            touch:TouchEff.Command="{Binding Command}">

            Padding="10, 5"

            <Label Text="CLICK ME" 

If you wish to change Image Source on touch, you should use TouchImage control. It has several bindable properties for managing Pressed/Regular Source/Aspect of the image.

            touch:TouchEff.Command="{Binding Command}"

TouchEff Attached Properties

Property Type Default Description
IsAvailable bool true Makes effect available
ShouldMakeChildrenInputTransparent bool true Makes layout's children input trasparent
Command ICommand null Touch Command handler
CommandParameter object null Touch Command handler parameter
Status TouchStatus Completed Current touch status
State TouchState Regular Current touch state
RegularBackgroundColor Color Default Background color of regular state
PressedBackgroundColor Color Default Background color of pressed state
HoveredBackgroundColor Color Default Background color of hovered state
RegularOpacity double 1.0 Opacity of regular state
PressedOpacity double 1.0 Opacity of pressed state
HoveredOpacity double 1.0 Opacity of hovered state
RegularScale double 1.0 Scale of regular state
PressedScale double 1.0 Scale of pressed state
HoveredScale double 1.0 Scale of hovered state
RegularTranslationX double 0.0 TranslationX of regular state
PressedTranslationX double 0.0 TranslationX of pressed state
HoveredTranslationX double 0.0 TranslationX of hovered state
RegularTranslationY double 0.0 TranslationY of regular state
PressedTranslationY double 0.0 TranslationY of pressed state
HoveredTranslationY double 0.0 TranslationY of hovered state
RegularRotation double 0.0 Rotation of regular state
PressedRotation double 0.0 Rotation of pressed state
HoveredRotation double 0.0 Rotation of hovered state
RegularRotationX double 0.0 RotationX of regular state
PressedRotationX double 0.0 RotationX of pressed state
HoveredRotationX double 0.0 RotationX of hovered state
RegularRotationY double 0.0 RotationY of regular state
PressedRotationY double 0.0 RotationY of pressed state
HoveredRotationY double 0.0 RotationY of hovered state
AnimationDuration int 0 The common duration of animation
AnimationEasing Easing null The common easing of animation
PressedAnimationDuration int 0 The duration of animation by applying PressedOpacity and/or PressedBackgroundColor and/or PressedScale
PressedAnimationEasing Easing null The easing of animation by applying PressedOpacity and/or PressedBackgroundColor and/or PressedScale
HoveredAnimationDuration int 0 The duration of animation by applying HoveredOpacity and/or HoveredBackgroundColor and/or HoveredScale
HoveredAnimationEasing Easing null The easing of animation by applying HoveredOpacity and/or HoveredBackgroundColor and/or HoveredScale
RegularAnimationDuration int 0 The duration of animation by applying RegularOpacity and/or RegularBackgroundColor and/or RegularScale
RegularAnimationEasing Easing null The easing of animation by applying RegularOpacity and/or RegularBackgroundColor and/or RegularScale
RippleCount int 0 This property allows to set ripple of animation (Pressed/Hovered/Regular animation loop). '0: disabled'; '-1: infinite loop'; '1, 2, 3 ... n: Ripple's interations'
IsToggled bool? null This property allows to achieve "switch" behavior. null means that feature is disabled and view will return to inital state after touch releasing
DisallowTouchThreshold int 0 Movement threshold for considering android touch as canceled
NativeAnimation bool false If native platform touch feedback animations are present (Tilt on UWP, Ripple on Android, Opacity/Color on iOS)
NativeAnimationColor Color Color.Default The color used for the native touch feedback animation
NativeAnimationRadius int -1 The radius of the native ripple animation on Android or Layer radius on iOS

TouchEff Attached events

Event Type Default Description
StatusChanged TEffectStatusChangedHandler null Touch status changed
StateChanged TEffectStateChangedHandler null Touch state changed
HoverStatusChanged TEffectHoverStatusChangedHandler null Hover status changed
HoverStateChanged TEffectHoverStateChangedHandler null Hover state changed
Completed TEffectCompletedHandler null User tapped
AnimationStarted AnimationStartedHandler null Animation started

TouchImage Bindable Properties

Property Type Default Description
RegularBackgroundImageSource ImageSource null Background image source of regular state
PressedBackgroundImageSource ImageSource null Background image source of pressed state
HoveredBackgroundImageSource ImageSource null Background image source of hovered state
RegularBackgroundImageAspect Aspect AspectFit Background image aspect of regular state
PressedBackgroundImageAspect Aspect AspectFit Background image aspect of pressed state
HoveredBackgroundImageAspect Aspect AspectFit Background image aspect of hovered state

If you want to customize/extend existing controls, you may observe State property via triggers

Check source code for more info, or just ask me =)


The MIT License (MIT) see License file


Feel free to create issues and PRs 😃