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"Edit" mp3 files with Vim, or rather, their ID3 tags
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Edit an mp3 file. You'll see a buffer with its metadata stored as ID3 tags, formatted like this:

File: attempt_1.mp3

Title:    Elevator Music Attempt 1
Artist:   Christiaan Bakker
Album:    Echoes From The Past
Track No:
Year:     2011
Comment:  Attribution 3.0

Editing the buffer will update the tags. You can also rename the file by changing the value in the File: section.

Note that, for mp3 files, this requires the id3 command-line tool. On Arch Linux, this is available from the id3 package, installable with:

pacman -S id3

The plugin also supports FLAC files (somewhat misleadingly, since they don't use id3 tags). For those, you'll need the metaflac command, which, on Arch Linux, comes from the flac package:

pacman -S flac

On other platforms, you can probably use your favorite package manager to search for these.

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