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Angular RU Universal Starter Angular-RU Angular-RU Universal

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Repository with Angular CLI and Angular Universal




  • Angular 11
  • document is not defined and window is not defined - here
  • Angular Material2 UI components - individual branch
  • Primeng UI components - [individual branch] (
  • modules import depending on the platform (MockServerBrowserModule)
  • execution of queries to api on the server TransferHttp
  • work with cookies on the server UniversalStorage
  • Uses ngx-meta for SEO (title, meta tags, and Open Graph tags for social sharing).
  • uses ngx-translate to support internationalization (i18n)
  • uses ORIGIN_URL - for absolute queries
  • @angular/service-worker(ng add @angular/pwa --project universal-demo)

How to start

  • yarn or npm install
  • yarn start or npm run start - for client rendering
  • yarn ssr or npm run ssr - for server-side rendering
  • yarn build:universal or npm run build:universal - for assembly in release
  • yarn server or npm run server - to start the server
  • yarn build:prerender or npm run build:prerender - to generate static by static.paths.ts
  • for watch with ssr - npm run ssr:watch

How to use this repository in your project:

To transfer ssr to your repository, you need the following files:

  • .angular-cli.json
  • server.ts
  • prerender.ts
  • webpack.config.js
  • main.server.ts
  • main.browser.ts
  • shared/*
  • forStorage/*
  • environments/*
  • app.browser.module.ts
  • app.server.module.ts


Official example in English: Modules used for universal:

Features (Important)

  • The module for TransferHttp uses import {TransferState} from '@angular/platform-browser'; and it is necessary to implement the request rest api on the server and the absence of the second request a second time. See home.component.ts (delay 3c)
this.http.get('').subscribe(result => {
    this.result = result;
  • export const AppRoutes = RouterModule.forRoot(routes, { initialNavigation: 'enabled' });- so that there is no flashing of the page!

  • to work with cookies, it is written AppStorage, which with DI allows you to give different implementations for the server and the browser. See and for implementations. In server.ts there is

providers: [
        provide: REQUEST, useValue: (req)
        provide: RESPONSE, useValue: (res)

to work with REQUEST and RESPONSE via DI - this is necessary for implementing UniversalStorage when working with cookies.

  • webpack.config.js is written exclusively for building server.ts file in server.js, since angular-cli has [bug](https: // / angular/angular-cli/issues/7200) to work with 3d dependencies. - To solve some problems, use the following code in server.ts Solving the problems of global variables, including document is not defined and window is not defined
const domino = require('domino');
const fs = require('fs');
const path = require('path');
const template = fs.readFileSync(path.join(__dirname, '.', 'dist', 'index.html')).toString();
const win = domino.createWindow(template);
const files = fs.readdirSync(`${process.cwd()}/dist-server`);
// const styleFiles = files.filter(file => file.startsWith('styles'));
// const hashStyle = styleFiles[0].split('.')[1];
// const style = fs.readFileSync(path.join(__dirname, '.', 'dist-server', `styles.${hashStyle}.bundle.css`)).toString();

global['window'] = win;
Object.defineProperty(, 'transform', {
  value: () => {
    return {
      enumerable: true,
      configurable: true
global['document'] = win.document;
global['CSS'] = null;
// global['XMLHttpRequest'] = require('xmlhttprequest').XMLHttpRequest;
global['Prism'] = null;
  global['navigator'] = req['headers']['user-agent'];

this allows you to remove some of the problems when working with undefined.

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