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Czech version of readme #Why Java-devstack#

I have learnt that in Java based companies Java developers doesn't like javascript programming too much and ussualy don't want to work like Javascript programmers. But they still have to cooperate with each other. Its like tale about two kind of programmers - Java / Javascript

Javascript programmer wants to use modern tools, which Java develper doesn't even know. Java developer expect application build will be smooth with just java and maven without any additional tools.

Both of them should be satisfied during their development.

That is why this proof of concept show simple integration of gulp devstack into maven project.

##How does it work##

Javascript SPA is incorporated into maven built process as independent module java-devstack-frontend

For building frontend application older version of devsteck created @MilanLempera(I hope it will be opensourced soon) is utilized. You can use any kind of devstack your javascript developers are used to. During maven build process, nodejs and npm are downloaded, gulp build is processed including the tests.

After that recently created static assets are put into created war archive which can be deployed on server or run independently thenks to embeded jetty. By using optional build profile is also possiblet to run end to end tests.

##Java developer##

Java developer doesn't want to know about javascript application, so application is packed into the java-devstack-frontend and developer doesn't need to care about it, built static assets will appear in target/classes/static. He doesn't needo to install anything except maven. Only thing to do is:

mvn clean install

Or running with end to end tests:

mvn clean install -Pintegration-test

Result of java-devstack-webapp module build is war, which can be run using:

mvn jetty:run-war

Or with embedded jetty.

java -jar target/java-devstack-webapp-<version>.war

Surely java application can be run using start class cz.angular.Application

##Javascript developer##

From Javascript developer point of view there is ordinary gulp devstack in directory src/main/frontend of module java-devstack-frontend.


npm install

gulp devel

Application is then running at: http://localhost:8282/src/

Running tests

npm test
npm run protractor

###Communication with backendem###

Its possible to use fake api in src/api or connect dirrectly to the running backend application. It can be configured in config.js in part proxy

Turning off proxy:

proxy: false

Connecting proxy to the localhost:8080/api

proxy: {
 routePath: '/src/api',
 destinationUrl: 'http://localhost:8080/api'

Thanks to this proxy it is possible to have same path to endpoints for development and built application - /api/

$resource('api/user/:id', {id: '@id'});

###Running java application###

Application can be run locally same as java developer do by running maven task in root directory.

mvn clean install
mvn jetty:run-war

It is also possible to use uilt war and run it with java command.

java -jar java-devstack-webapp-<version>.war

##Tools used in this proof of concept##

  • spring-boot
  • maven
  • gulp
  • frontend-maven-plugin
  • proxy-middleware

##Talk in czech## 11.11.2014 - Java and javascript consistency na BrnoJS (materials:

##Licence## This project and know-how can be used everywhere including comercial projects. Only thing we want from you is let us know and use you as reference.


Maven project with integrated javascript devstack




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