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Update: Please download Annotum 2.0 via the WordPress theme repository here:

Recently, Github retired the downloads functionality.

So, all Annotum theme downloads are now available via the following links:

Install via the normal WordPress installation method: Dashboard > Appearance > Themes > Install Themes Tab > Upload.

IMPORTANT: The annotum 1.1.1 .zip file is over 3.6Mb. You may need to modify your PHP.ini values for upload_max_filesize and post_max_size to upload the theme directly into WordPress. If you cannot adjust these values, you need to install the theme via FTP.

There are also two self-contained "stacks" capable of running Annotum in a complete LAMP (MAMP) application from your desktop (PC or Mac) computer:

  • - Self-contained Annotum+WordPress+WAMP Stack - unzip and run (Windows)
  • AnnotumMAMPv1.1.dmg - Self-contained Annotum+WordPress+MAMP Stack - open and drag to applications folder to run (Mac OS X)

Of course, you can use git to obtain any version of the source code at any time. or download the latest archive of the master or develop branches.

Older versions:

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