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Wings of Time: An Open Ended Chrono Trigger Randomizer

NOTE: This randomizer is no longer in development. It has been superceded by Jets of Time, which is currently up to date and is being developed for. Check it out here:

Version: 1.0a (Alpha)

Date: August 04, 2019




IMPORTANT: Read this, Locations.txt and Key Items.txt before playing a seed.


Wings of Time is a randomizer that attempts to make Chrono Trigger play like an open ended RPG. To do this, a lock and key system using certain plot/quest items from the base game was created. In addition, characters, shops, treasure chests and several event based rewards have all been randomized.

In addition, the difficulty curve was rescaled to better fit the progression, so certain end game locations are easier, while things like Magus' Castle and the Ocean Palace are noticeably harder. Also, Lavos was rescaled to be beatable by level 35 parties, so as to eliminate the need for grinding to beat him.


Q: Which locations hold key items?

A: Usually, locations that rewarded you with those items vanilla. A list is provided in Locations.txt.

Q: Why isn't my character gaining more techs?

A: Chrono, Marle, Lucca and Frog are deliberately set not to learn techs beyond a point vanilla. Take them to the End of Time to let them gain techs.

Q: What does Heckran Cave/Northern Ruins/Ozzie's Fort do?

A: They are secondary locations that provide generally high tier equipment, or extra benefits. Finishing Heckran Cave lets you get a good helm from Taban, the Northern Ruins are a great source of sealed chests and allow Frog to upgrade his Masamune, and Ozzie's Fort drops the prices in Medina's shop, which is geared to give better-than-normal items.

Q: How do I get to Lavos?

A: You must either find a way to the Ocean Palace, or open up Death Peak with the Clone and C.Trigger. This opens up something special.


Attempting to land the Epoch on blocked ground during the intro cutscene causes softlocks.

Doing Denadoro Mountains after opening the Magic Cave with Frog causes one of Frog's flashbacks to play, and softlocks the game.


Download by clicking the "Clone or download repository" button. Unzip the contents to a new folder. Windows users can directly copy their ROM to this folder and run randomizer.exe. For Linux or Mac users, copy the ROM to the sourcefiles folder instead, and run in Python. This randomizer runs on Python 3, but older files from Python 2.7 are located in sourcefiles/python2.

Please use a fresh North American ROM while randomizing. An unheadered ROM is recommended, but a headered one can work too, though this has not been tested.


Designers: Anskiy, Abyssonym

Developers: Anskiy, Abyssonym, Myself086

Technical Assistance: Mauron, Myself086, Lagolunatic

Notable Testers: Fathlo23, Muppetsinspace, Avonis, TrintonGL