A Vagrant VM based Python Development Bootstrap
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Complete Python Development Environment on top of a Vagrant VM.



  1. Assuming you have met the above requirements.

  2. Provision a new Vagrant VM (using PythonDevBootstrapPrecise as example)

     $ cd python-dev-bootstrap (Wherever your cloned path is for this repo)
     $ vagrant up
     $ vagrant ssh
     $ sudo su (Gets you to root) :)

The above will build a 512MB virtual machine running Ubuntu with the following installed and configured:

  1. Python
  2. PIL
  3. PIP
  4. SciPy
  5. BioPy
  6. Redis, MongoDB, Postgres, MySQL, Elastic Search
  7. Django
  8. SQLAlchemy
  9. Bottle
  10. Twisted
  11. Vim
  12. IDLE
  13. gEdit
  14. SublimeText2
  15. Pyes
  16. POW (Python on Wheels) & Dep...
  17. pyQt
  18. NumPy
  19. numarray
  20. matplotlib
  21. scrape
  22. Beautiful Soup
  23. pythonweb
  24. mechanize
  25. flask

Hint: Not everything of this is installed by default. Change comments at the end of manifests/init.pp to influence it.


You can download different types of "boxes" as your base at the following URL:


Maintained by Anthony Nystrom