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Contact: @Antrikshy

A simple Safari extension that uploads a gif open in the current tab to gfycat and plays it back on said site.

While visiting a third-world country with very slow Internet, I was tired of uploading gifs manually to gfycat to view them smoothly and I saw that there was no such extension for Safari. I made this extension to learn JavaScript, browser extensions, JSON parsing and the Safari extensions API.

I have never done anything in JavaScript before and I am certainly new to writing browser add-ons. I am sure I have not followed many best-practices and my code is quite messy. But it is simple and it works with negligible extra load on the browser (pretty sure).

I would appreciate any pointers, tips and improvements to this extension.

Thanks to DomT4 for the toolbar artwork!


Disregard the release page, use this link instead. It will always be up to date and auto-updates can be pushed if I (or you) get ideas for new features.

Ways to contribute

Clone the repository, fork it and create a pull request. We need to implement an async request to the gfycat.

Report Issues

If you run into any problems with this extension, write in the Issues for this repo (in the right sidebar) or message /u/Antrikshy on reddit.


See the 'release' tab near the top of this GitHub page.


Safari toolbar button extension to play an open gif in gfycat



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