class_template for calculating the Instantaneous axis of rotation
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Class for calculating Instantaneous Axis of Rotation

This is a custom class_template that makes it easy to calculate and display the intantaneous axis of rotation between two bodies in an AnyBody Model.

Rolling without slipping

You can read more about the code in this blog post on

Here is a short example on how to use the class. First add the following to the top of your main file.

#include "<ANYBODY_PATH_TOOLBOX>/Rotations/InstantaneousAxisOfRotation.any"

Then add the InstantaneousAxisOfRotation class in one of your studies.

#include "<ANYBODY_PATH_TOOLBOX>/Rotations/InstantaneousAxisOfRotation.any"

Main = {

  // This is a simple example of using the InstantaneousAxisOfRotation class
  // to the calculate and vizualize the instantaneous axis of rotation 
  // between Body1 and Body2
  InstantaneousAxisOfRotation IAOR (AnyRefFrame& Body1, AnyRefFrame& Body2) = 
      // The sphere drawn at the mid point of the vizualized axis.
      #var AnyVar SphereSize=0.02;
      // The length of the vizualized axis
      #var AnyVar AxisLength=2;
      // The line thickness of the vizualized axis.
      #var AnyVar LineThickness = 0.005;       



The object will IAOR object will plot the axis, and provide the following outputs:

Output variable Type Desciption
RotationAxisDirections AnyVec3 The mid point on axis in Body1 coordinates
RotationMagnitude AnyVec3 The direction of the axis in Body1 coordinates
rc_2 AnyVec3 Point on axis closest to Body2
rc_1 AnyVec3 Point on axis closest to Body1
MotionPitch AnyVar The ratio of linear motion to angular motion
rc_dot AnyVec3 The linear velocity along the axis of rotation
omega AnyVec3 Anuglar velocity vector of Body2 wrt. Body1
r AnyVec3 Position of Body2 wrt. Body1
r_dot AnyVec3 Linear velocity of Body2 wrt. Body1