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Remove the CSS rules that you don't want, with a list of selectors
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CSS Byebye

CSS Byebye is a node module that lets you explicitly remove the CSS rules that you don't want.

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It's very simple: pass a list of selectors that you want to exclude and it will remove them and the associated rules from your CSS.

I've found some cases where this approach is easier than using more powerful tools like uncss. Use what's best for you and give some feedback :)

CSS Byebye is built with postcss.


CSS Byebye is a CSS post processor and a postcss plugin; read the postcss docs for more details.

Run it as indicated in postcss docs:

  • css is your stylesheet
  • options is an object that has at least the rulesToRemove property defined.


rulesToRemove is an array of strings or regular expressions (selectors).

If you provide a string, it will remove the rule(s) for this exact selector.


Some CSS:

 a { font-size: 12px; }
 .hello .h1 { background: red }
 .world { color: blue }

Using the plugin:

var postcss = require('postcss')
var cssbyebye = require('css-byebye')

var rulesToRemove = ['.hello .h1', '.world']
var options = { rulesToRemove: rulesToRemove, map: false }

// pretend that css var contains the css above
var result = postcss(cssbyebye(options)).process(css)

result will be an object like this:

  css: 'a { font-size: 12px; }'

If you use the postcss map option, then source map will be added to the result object.

You can mix strings and regular expressions

var rulesToRemove = [

In this case, it would:

  • remove a rule with the exact selector .hello
  • remove any rule that contains the .world class.
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