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Appalachia Interactive

Small game studio in Pittsburgh, PA. In pre-production for Keepers of Creation.


  1. Common functionality for Unity3D applications.

    C# 1

  2. A Blender add-on for Appalachia Interactive work.

    Python 1 1

  3. VSCode extension for Appalachia Interactive devlopment

    TypeScript 1 1

  4. Editor-only auto-save functionality for Unity3D projects, with configurable preferences.

    C# 1

  5. Native audio plugins for Unity to create reactive audio components.

    C++ 2 1

  6. A collection of graphics and images of animal tracks. No attribution is required, do what you like. If you work for a conservation, fish, wildlife, parks, or similar service and need help using the…

    Roff 1 1


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