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Button library supports debounce, pressed/released events. It is easy to use with multiple buttons. It is designed for not only beginners but also experienced users
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ezButton Library for Arduino

This library is designed to make it easy to use push button, momentary switches, toggle switch, magnetic contact switch (door sensor)..​. It is easy to use for not only beginners but also experienced users.

ezButton stands for Easy Button


  • Uses the internal pull-up resistor to avoid the floating value
  • Supports debounce to eliminate the chattering phenomenon
  • Supports the pressed and released events
  • Supports the counting (for FALLING, RISING and BOTH)
  • Easy to use with multiple buttons

Available Examples

  • 01.SingleButton
  • 02.SingleButtonDebounce
  • 03.SingleButtonEvents
  • 04.SingleButtonAll
  • 05.MultipleButtonAll
  • 06.ButtonCount

Available Functions

  • setDebounceTime()
  • getState()
  • getStateRaw()
  • isPressed()
  • isReleased()
  • setCountMode()
  • getCount()
  • resetCount()
  • loop()


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