A PHP Library to handle the response body from a JSON API Server in an OOP way.
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JsonApiClient is a PHP Library to validate and handle the response body from a JSON API Server.

Format: JSON API 1.0


Version 0.6.1 and below interprets the pagination links wrong. Make sure you are using the latest version of JsonApiClient. See #19, #23 and #26 for more information.

WIP: Goals for 1.0

  • Be 100% JSON API 1.0 spec conform
  • Handle/validate a server response body
  • Offer an easy way to retrieve the data
  • Be extendable and allow injection of classes/models
  • Offer access to included resources through identifier
  • Handle/validate a client request body


Via Composer

$ composer require art4/json-api-client


See the documentation.

Using as reader

// The Response body from a JSON API server
$jsonapi_string = '{"meta":{"info":"Testing the JsonApiClient library."}}';

$manager = new \Art4\JsonApiClient\Utils\Manager();

$document = $manager->parse($jsonapi_string);

if ($document->has('meta.info'))
    echo $document->get('meta.info'); // "Testing the JsonApiClient library."

// List all keys

// array(
//   0 => "meta"
// )

Using as validator

JsonApiClient can be used as a validator for JSON API contents:

$wrong_jsonapi = '{"data":{},"meta":{"info":"This is wrong JSON API. `data` has to be `null` or containing at least `type` and `id`."}}';

if ( \Art4\JsonApiClient\Utils\Helper::isValid($wrong_jsonapi) )
    echo 'string is valid.';
    echo 'string is invalid json api!';

// echos 'string is invalid json api!'

Extend the client

Need more functionality? Want to directly inject your model? Easily extend JsonApiClient with the Factory.


Please see CHANGELOG for more information what has changed recently.


$ phpunit


Please feel free to fork and sending Pull Requests. This project follows Semantic Versioning 2.



GPL3. Please see License File for more information.