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Arma3 Extension DB2

Arma3 Database + Rcon Extension for both Windows + Linux.


Public Missions / Mods using extDB2


  • ASync + Sync Support

  • Unique ID for fetching Results

  • Multi-Part Messages

  • Arma2 Legacy randomize configfile support

  • Commandline Arguments Support

  • Rcon Support

  • Rcon Whitelisting + Kicking for Bad Playernames

  • Steam VAC + Friends Queries

Supported Backends

  • MySQL
  • SQLite


  • SQL_CUSTOM_V2 (Ability to define sql prepared statements in a .ini file)
  • LOG (Custom Logfiles)
  • MISC (has beguid, crc32, md4/5, time + time offset)
  • RCON (Ability to whitelist allowed commands)
  • STEAM_V2 (Ability to Query Steam for VAC Bans / Friend Info)

Documentation @

Troubleshooting for Server Admins

Have a look at this: Troubleshooting

Linux Requirements

Linux Distro with Glibc 2.17 or higher
Debian 8 / Centos 7 / Ubuntu 14.10

Windows Requirements

Windows Server 2008 + Later
Windows 7 + Later

Install vcredist_x86.exe


If you link to donate to extDB2 Developement use donate button above.
Don't forget to leave message if any features you would like to see implemented.

Thanks to

  • firefly2442 for the CMake Build System.
  • MaHuJa for taking time to look over the code and fixing / improving the code.
  • bladez- For the original Rcon code, made my life alot easier.
  • Fank for his code to convert SteamID to BEGuid.
  • Gabime for Spdlog Logging Library.
  • rajkosto for his work on DayZ Hive, using same code for sanitize checks.
  • Tonic & Altis RPG Admins for initial testing of extDB etc.