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(Inactive, Checkout AvanaOS, Rewrite of this) This is a New Operating System (Kernel right now). Made completely from scratch, We aim to make a complete OS for Learning purpose
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Aqeous- An Orphan OS

Kernel Code resides in Kernel directory, FASM directory contains FASM source ported for AqeousOS, Custom C Library for user programs in LibC including a test program

Extremely Sorry guys, this outdated code only works for Cygwin Windows based systems, May not compile under POSIXs systems due to Utter Carelessness shown at the coder's side, creating a ton of case senstivity issues in file includes. The ZIP File contains these two files:

  • hdd.img

    Hard Disk Image with both, kernel and grub built in, as well as AFS filesystem also made.

  • HDD_Template.img

    Template image with only Kernel and grub built in. Use when hdd.img corrupts. Copy it and rename it as 'hdd.img' Extract hdd.img and put in same folder in order to run the OS.

To Compile:

The OS -> make

The LibC -> cd LibC ->make

  => This would generate a crt0 file (For now crt0, crti etc all functionality is within this, sorry laziness :p )
  => Then Compile your test program against this library (crt0.o) and Transfer it to virtual hard disk (hdd.img) 
      using the AqFS Editor (Check my other repository).
  => Simply type '<filename>' in the Shell.

A few extra stuff:

To Run in Qemu, use command 'make qemu'

Optional: To Install/Reinstall the Aqfs2 FileSystem, type 'init aqfs2' in console,

hdd.img comes with preinstalled FS and files! Dont Reinstall Aqfs until necessary!

A final note:

I know. The whole thing is a bit convoluted. We'll fix it. Just that I (a humble contributor) am currently bust with my exams. They will end by April, after which the pace should increase

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