Linter plugin for PHP, using PHP_CodeSniffer.
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This is a provider for Linter that provides an interface to PHP_CodeSniffer (PHPCS). It supports files that have the "PHP" and "HTML" syntax.


PHPCS Installation

Before using this plugin, you must ensure that phpcs is installed and available on your $PATH. To install phpcs, the following:

  1. Install PHP.

  2. Install Composer.

  3. Install phpcs by typing the following in a terminal:

    composer global require "squizlabs/php_codesniffer=*"

Full installation steps, including alternate installation methods, can be found on the PHPCS site here.

Package Installation

You can then install this package either from within Atom or by running the following command:

$ apm install linter-phpcs

Note: If you do not already have the Linter package installed it will be installed for you to provide an interface for this package. If you are using an alternative interface simply disable the Linter package.