Tools for Synoptic Environmental Spatial Data
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R tools for spatial data at the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD)

Tools for reading, plotting and manipulating spatial data used at the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD).

The repository of data used by raadtools is available under RDSI/PUBLIC/raad and at the AAD under gridded/new/ in the scientific data collection.

Anyone with a Nectar account may run this by creating a VM from our raadclient image. Search the public images for raadclient (e.g. 'raadclient04_20180513' but choose the latest one) and ensure that the SSH and RStudio port (8787) is open. Use the default rstudio/rstudio account, or create your own.

The contents of the repository is listed in the technical configuration for bowerbird.

If you would like a collection added please make a request via a Github issue or contact one of the authors directly.

You are welcome to make your own copies of data from the collection for your own use, but please respect the citation and usage requests of the data providers listed in the summary.

Using raadtools

There are two main ways to use it.

  1. RStudio raadtools server

If you have access to a "raadtools-RStudio-server" then you need only load the package to get started:

  1. Local computer, within the AAD network

If it's not installed, trying installing with


If neither of 1 or 2 work for you you, see your local administrator.


raadsync keeps it up to date:

A configuration like this is required for the tools to work:

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