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A simple configuration management library with YAML support out of the box.

  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Out of the box support for YAML
  • Allows migrations / config file checks
  • Null-safe
  • Unit testing friendly

How it works

  • Each configurable value is a Property in ConfigMe. Properties are declared as public static final fields in classes which implement the SettingsHolder interface.
  • Configurations are read from a PropertyResource (e.g. the provided YamlFileResource), which abstracts reading and writing.
  • The property resource may be checked for completeness with the MigrationService, which allows you also to rename properties or to remove obsolete ones.
  • The SettingsManager unifies the members above. On creation, it calls the migration service and allows you to get and change property values.


Start using ConfigMe by adding this to your pom.xml:




    text: 'Hello'
    size: 12

public class TitleConfig implements SettingsHolder {

    public static final Property<String> TITLE_TEXT =
        newProperty("title.text", "-Default-");

    public static final Property<Integer> TITLE_SIZE =
        newProperty("title.size", 10);

    private TitleConfig() {
        // prevent instantiation

public class WelcomeWriter {
    public String generateWelcomeMessage() {
        SettingsManager settings = SettingsManagerBuilder

        // Get properties from the settings manager
        return "<font size=\""
            + settings.getProperty(TitleConfig.TITLE_SIZE) + "\">"
            + settings.getProperty(TitleConfig.TITLE_TEXT) + "</font>";

📝 Read the full documentation in the ConfigMe Wiki.

📝 See a full working example based on this here.

📝 See how to use custom classes as property types in the bean properties demo.