WordPress.com REST API Developer Console - superceded by https://github.com/Automattic/rest-api-console2
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WordPress.com REST API Developer Console

An open source version of https://developer.wordpress.com/docs/api/console/ that you can run yourself. Uses implicit OAuth for authentication. The console requires a WordPress.com application to be created.

Configuring the console

Create an Application

  1. Login to WordPress.com
  2. Visit https://developer.wordpress.com/apps/
  3. Click "Create New Application"
  4. Fill in your application's name and description
  5. Enter a redirect URI for your application. See http://developer.wordpress.com/docs/oauth2/ for more information
  6. Enter any domains you plan on accessing the console from in the "Javascript Origins" box
  7. Click 'Create'
  8. Note the "Client ID" and "Redirect URL" fields

Provide the console your application setting

Once you have your application credentials you need to create a configuration file for your application.

Wherever you have placed the console (the index.html, js, and css folders) create a "config.json" file with the following contents:

    "client_id": _CLIENT_ID_,
    "redirect_uri": "_REDIRECT_URI_"

You can use the config.sample.json as a base.

Replace _CLIENT_ID with the ID from above and REDIRECT_URI with the URI from above.

You should now be able to load the console and authenticate using the box in the lower right hand corner.